Spectacular Goat at a Wedding

The Caravan

1950s Vintage Caravan

Our caravan is always popular at weddings, she looks beautiful dressed up with Cath Kidston curtains, festoon lights & bunting and is always popular with the guests. 

She looks original from the outside and guests can watch through the window, to see the whole process of their pizza being made for them.

We need around a 6m x 4m space for the caravan to sit in (plus room to manoeuvre her in) with access in to the venue of around 2.5m.

The VW Pick up

1968 VW T2 Pick Up

The latest addition to our fleet is our 1968 VW Pick Up. She looks original from the outside, but when we open up the back we reveal our amazing pizza kitchen. 

Dressed with festoon lights and bunting your guests can see the whole process happening before them as we prepare their tasty pizza.

We need around a 5m x 4m space for the pick up to stand in (plus room to manoeurve her in) with access in to the venue of around 2.5m.


Bespoke set-up

We can also create a bespoke set up using our ovens, as long as you have an outside space that is 1m x 2.5m we can pretty much set up to cook pizza! So if you live in a flat with a balcony you can have a pizza party! If you're looking for something simple we can set up with a gazebo

Call 07841 920 947 or email john@Spectaculargoat.com to reserve either set up for your event.

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