2015 is The Year of The Goat and it has certainly been a busy year so far for Spectacular Goat's wood fired sourdough pizza. Not only have we been busy serving you great pizza but we've been busy making changes to how we do that. We've served pizza at 30 weddings so far this year and that's around 3,000 happy wedding pizzas from our caravan or trailer. Next year is already getting busy and we have quite a few dates that are already fully booked with our new set up already proving popular.

We hope to have our 'new to us' but vintage 1960s Volkswagen (VW) Pick-Up up and running soon. Initially we will tow our big oven behind and have our prep station under canvas in the back of the Pick-Up. Once we have everything perfected we'll have the oven on the VW too, creating a simple drive-on solution that will look incredible!

As you'll have noticed we also updated the website, it wasn't part of our plans to be honest but after a couple of issues with the old site we felt a change of host along with a change of platform was required...let us know what you think! We'll be updating the site regularly with menu ideas, public event details and photos so feel free to come and say hello when ever you fancy. You can also find us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram

Our website may have changed and our event delivery may be evolving but our core principals of wanting to serve the 'Greatest Of All Time' pizza still remain. There is nothing better than getting feedback about our Wood Fired Sourdough Pizza, so please feel free to let us know what you think, good or bad we'd love to know.