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Wonderful Weddings & Pizza

We all love a good Wedding and who doesn't like great sourdough pizza from a wood fired oven! So what could be better than rounding off your big day with a bespoke pizza offering from one of our vintage vehicles!

Beki & Stacey by Jeni Smith (

We have been invited in to serve our pizza at many a wedding and each has been individual and quite beautiful. We've been very fortunate to have been involved in so many wonderful weddings with so many wonderful couples. I hear so many horror stories about Bridezillas and drunken guests that I feel lucky to have met so many wonderful couples and guests.

I recently asked some of our couples for some details from their special day to pass to a bride to be. Each of them responded immediately, each of them commented on how their guests still talk about the amazing pizza and each of them were gushing with praise for our team that helped make their day special. It makes me proud to have something that makes people so happy. And you thought it was just pizza!

If you want to know more about about our wedding services just get in contact and we can chat about how our wood fired sourdough pizza could be served from either our Vintage 1950s Caravan or our Vintage 1960s VW.